Tamra Melgoza

Welcome from Our
Project Manager

My name is Tamra Melgoza and I am the Project Manager for the Guadalupe Restoration Project (GRP), which spans approximately 2,700 acres located in southern San Luis Obispo County with a small portion in Santa Barbara County. GRP is remediating impacts of past oil field operations and restoring habitat so native plants and wildlife can thrive within this area of the Guadalupe‐Nipomo Dunes Complex, a National Natural Landmark. Our experienced, cross-functional team is utilizing proven environmental remediation techniques to remediate and restore the GRP. This team includes engineers, biologists and other environmental specialists dedicated to the complex and vital work of carefully removing residues from past oil field operations, restoring and preserving native ecosystems, providing habitat for plants and wildlife, and protecting sensitive species and cultural resources.

This website is dedicated to documenting the historical, environmental and scientific aspects of the operations of the Guadalupe Restoration Project.