Beach Excavations

The beach excavations included 12 separate remediation sites. Five sites were previously remediated under emergency permits (1997: 7X Sump, 1994: 5X Excavation, 1998: LeRoy 3 Sump, 1998: A2A South, and 1998: 2X Sump). Remediation of the remaining seven sites (LeRoy 6 Oil Layers, A-Road, 5X Road Oil Layers, LeRoy 3, A2A North, A1/2X, and the remainder of 5X) were initiated in September 1999 and were completed February 2001.

The largest remediation site (15.7 acres) with the most complex excavation/remediation plan was 5X, a subsurface diluent plume located adjacent to the ocean in the southwestern section of the former Guadalupe Oil Field. In order to avoid disturbing the habitat of Western snowy plovers that are known to use the beach during the spring and summer breeding season, 5X was excavated over two consecutive winters: 5X West was completed between October 1999 and February 2000, and 5X East was completed between September 2000 and February 2001.

All diluent plumes along the beach have now been remediated, so they no longer pose a risk to the marine environment. The completion of the beach excavation was a landmark event for the Guadalupe Restoration Project, which involved 10 years of planning, permitting and implementation.